Summer is here and Jude is the beer

Had a chance to take home a 6 - pack of Reformation Jude and was a bit taken back by how smooth and easy to drink this was.  So far my favorite Belgian has been the Quasimodo from 3-Taverns but that's a quadruple which is important to note.  Jude is a triple and as such gives great notes of the sweet buttery taste and awesome citrus finish.  As far as the alcohol content goes, I had 3 and felt pretty good about the ABV vs price point.

This stuff is available year round and for good reason; I honestly can't think of a time of year that I would not drink this.  Whether it's 90 degrees in July or 40 in January, this stuff is year-round goodness. 

Reformation Jude

Belgian-Style Tripel

Modern, Belgian-Style Tripel

Delicate Floral Aroma & Clean Citrus Finish


Made for Moments of Unexpected Providence

#setbeerfree Reformation Jude